Monday, February 15, 2010

Book Review: Liquid Soul

Mr. Carter's first novel not only is an impressive offering to the Psychological Thriller genre but is so well written and believable that you almost feel you are reading a nonfiction recounting of events by the actual perpetrator. Very few authors I have read actually succeeded in getting inside the psyche of a serial killer with any amount of believability.

Meet the man with no discernible name, with no discernible features, in no discernible location. He is any man that you may see walk down the street and merely glance over without a second thought. This man however is special, he is addicted to something he calls Liquid Soul.

He starting getting addicted to Liquid Soul when he was mugged and in self defense pulled his pocket knife and cut the man. The moment his blood reached his hands he felt the man's soul leave his body and join with his giving him not only a glimpse into moments in the man's life, but the feeling of becoming the man during the experience.

He knew then he couldn't stop. He had to find others. He had to see what man people tic.

Then came the celebrity, the mother, the boxer, the bodybuilder, the CEO, the child, the old man, the policeman, the psychopath, the homeless man, among a few others. He decided to build his own family, make them apart of something since they shared themselves with him, he had to give something back.

After all, they were still kind enough to talk to him after they died and be apart of this glorious new world he was building with his new found gift.

This book will make your skin crawl and disturb you in ways I can guarantee you that you haven't been before no matter how many other authors you had read in this genre. The only question I have after closing the back cover is when will Mr. Carter thrill me with another offering?

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